Level 70 BM hunter aplication

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Level 70 BM hunter aplication Empty Level 70 BM hunter aplication

Post  ruthal on Fri May 09, 2008 11:41 am

Character name: Ruthal
Level: 70
Class: nightelf
Gender: male
Profession: LEatherworking (365) skinning (375)
Talent spec (link from WowHead if possible)

Is this your main character? Indeed

Do you have a friend already in Azeroth Elders? unfortunately no but i have done some heroics with a few of them

Why do you want to join Azeroth Elders? Nice people to group with, Mature and funny people, ive also heard a possibility of raiding which very much interests me aswell.

Have you read our guild charter and rules? Do you fully agree? i have and yes i do agree most definately Smile

RL age: 18 Tomorrow Very Happy


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