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Read our rules before applying! Empty Read our rules before applying!

Post  Chalithra on Fri May 02, 2008 9:30 am

Guild Charter/Rules

Azeroth Elders is a social guild offering friendship, information, and the benefit of our knowledge to all. Members enjoy the added benefits of companionship and being able to participate in guild raids, quests, and other events. We foster a family-like brotherhood where you can rely on the other members to help, share knowledge, and encourage you along the way. GENERAL GUILDRULES

1. Since we are on an RP server, our members follow its naming rules. Characters with names that collide with these rules will not be allowed into the guild. "Uncertain" names will be evaluated by the HC.

2. Alts are allowed into the guild when you have attained a certain rank. However a notification is required! Currently we have a capped the amount of alts. 3 for each account. In Azeroth Elders we call our alts "Squire". Only those ranked Apprentice and up can have alts. Upon getting a higher rank, your alt cap can be raised.

3. If an issue arises that requires immediate attention, then the High Council has full authority to deal with the situation. Do NOT make a fuss about it in guildchat.

4. All members are REQUIRED to be registered on the guild forums with your ingame name. As a member, you are also required to be up to date on the content of our website. This is easily done before you logon the game.

5. When you PvP or go in group with non-guildies, act with honor. Do NOT disgrace the guild and its members by acting like a total jerk.

6. Be active. To ensure a active guild we want our members to be online. If you are taking a longer break from WoW, please inform about it on the forum. We want to keep the guildroster updated with active members. If you haven't been online for 25 days we will remove you from the guild, unless you told us you'll be back. The reason for this is simple, some people might never come back because of various reasons; realm change or quitting WoW. Although if there's a misunderstanding you should just contact any of us in the High Council and we'll invite you back into the guild.

8. Guildchat is per default OOC. The /O channel is strictly reserved for High Council members

9. No trading (selling) in guildchat, you can offer items for free only. Exception: you may ask for the delivery of materials if a member is asking you to craft of enchant a item.

10. No begging for help with Quest or Instance runs. Exceptions: You may however ask for help on Class and Elite Quests. And ask for instance parties like: "Anyone up for Gnomeregan?" Asking one or two times will do, more can be considered "begging".


1. Everyone can arrange raids for the guild, as long as it does not clash with other activities, such as guildmeetings or raids arranged by other members. Nobody wants splits, and the year has many days. One raid per day is enough. If you wish for a specific raid, but don't feel you have it in you to arrange or lead it, you're always free to ask the officers if they can arrange it for or with you.
As arranger, you are committed to take charge and lead in a righteous and fair way. And remember to have fun while at it.

2. When we schedule a raid or a guildparty, we expect you to be on time and prepared when the raid starts. Nobody wants to hear, -"I don't have any reagents, I don't have this and that" Of course mishaps can occur. But overall, be prepared before the raid is supposed to start. Be repaired, stocked and prepared when the raid is about to start!

3. If you are going AFK, state so clearly to the Raidleader, with reason, and estimated time away, please remember to use /afk to turn AFK on or off, and check if you are when back. Also, if you have to leave early, report that at the beginning of the raid to the raid leader, unless any urgent situation pops up. Afterall, a raid might fail if of someone drops out without notice.

4. Respect the fact that some are in command, and you are not. You can of course come with suggestions and stuff during the raid, but don't question the leader(s) in a stressed situation. You can always tell the High Council that you want to be leader sometime, but do not do that during a raid.

5. Classleaders can be apointed before a encounter or before the raid starts, you are expected to know this and listen carefully to whoever is in lead. Do not take individual actions just for fun or because you don't know.

6. If something goes wrong, don't blame anyone. Don't whine about missed loot, wipes, bad pulls. We're here as a team, anything can happen even in the easiest of instances/areas. You whine, you get a warning, you don't listen, you don't raid.

7. Just because you don't need anything from a certain instance/boss, doesn' t mean you shouldn't come. What comes around goes around. We are a guild and we should help each other.

8. If there is something that is not clear about your role, and what you are doing, or supposed to do, state this clearly to raidleader. So he/she can brief you quickly before the fighting starts.

10. You should visit the forum on a daily basis. Because a lot of planning is done there, as well as sign ups or just normal discussion, regarding raids.


Online conduct should be guided by common sense and basic etiquette.

1. Please try to remember that while you prefer playing a certain class in a certain way, not everybody will agree and not everybody wants to listen to you telling them how to play. There is nothing wrong with helpful suggestions so long as you remember that people are entitled to their own opinions and styles of play and not everyone is going to listen to your suggestions all the time.

2. Please try to keep all disputes of any kind out of guild chat, nobody wants to listen to other people arguing and it is generally considered a childish thing to make a private situation public when it need not be.

3. We expect every guildmember to follow the rules set by Blizzard for this game. And since we are on an RP Server, we expect people to follow the RP Realm rules.

4. Azeroth Elders is supposed to be a group of mature people, and members are generally 18 years or older. Thus, we expect everyone to act in a mature way. If you are found griefing, exploiting, ninjalooting or just being a general bastard, either towards people in our guild or people in general, you WILL be kicked from the guild. However, before a decision is made, we will first try to collect as much intel possible in the matter. Anyone who witness any of our guildmembers doing any of the above are expected to report this incident to the High Council. Though you should of course not just stand there and take crap from people, there is however no reason to stoop to kindergarden namecalling and such. We expect everyone to act in a mature way.

5. We do not enforce roleplaying in guildchat/partychat etc, but it is nice to have some roleplaying moments when the situation allows it. However we do expect you to roleplay in /say /yell /general etc, every public chat channel. Please respect those around you, afterall we all play on a RP server.

6. l33t talk, excessive use of profanity and racial/social slurs are NOT tolerated. We understand people slip from time to time, so we are talking about a noticeable pattern of misbehavior. Being mature should not require concentration.

7. Do not charge your guildmates a fee for items that are of no use to you. Afterall we have a guild for the sake of helping each other. We encourage our guildmembers to post unneeded items in the guildchat or messageboards, so that those who need them can make good use of them. Remember, what goes around comes around.

8. It's pretty obvious since we're on a english server. Do not speak other languages in guildchat(unless you're alone) nor in public situations.


Novice: This is the trial period, and normally last for everything between two weeks and one month - depending on how active you are during this time. During this time, we are smelling each other out; you can feel the guild atmosphere and see if you feel at home here, and the guild can do the same to you. The High Council will evaluate your behavior during this time, how you get along with your guildmates, if you follow the rules, how active you are, etc. and in time, promote you to Apprentice if you seem to like it here and be of Elder Material. If your activity level is low, don't complain that you've been novice for three weeks and should have been Apprentice by now, if you haven't given us much to go by, we have to spend more time to get to know you better.
Since we don't know you yet, you will not have access to the guildbank and will not be allowed alts into the guild; This to ensure that you don't "use" the guild to boost or gear up your alts.

Apprentice: Now you are a fully fledged member of the Elders, you can give and ask for items from the bank and you will be allowed up to 3 alts in addition to your main. Whether you wish to focus on PvP, go into dungeons, roleplay or just enjoy the game in whichever way you like, you are free to do so, and by all means, bring people along, and come to events and arrangements set up by the guild.
(In Azeroth Elders, our alts are called "Squires")

Elder: This is your first formal promotion (Novice to Apprentice are normally done informally) and will only take place at a guildmeeting. It is not a huge gap, and the ranks have no difference aside from the name. Becoming an Elder is much like having gotten from Novice to Apprentice: You'll stand out for who you are. People hardly stick to being apprentices for long. As Novice you have grown like a flower, as Apprentice your crown has bloomed, and as Elder, you can now stand (or walk) and shine.

Senior Elder: A Senior is someone who has been with the guild for a long time, and are respected members that have been steadfast through fluent and harsh times. The only difference from the previous two ranks is that Senior Elders are allowed 2 extra alts into the guild, should they wish so. (Many stick to just having 2 or 3, one can only spend so much time leveling each alt)
Aside from that, Senior Elders are not scary, they are not raised above everyone else, and aside from the alts, they have no extra privilege in the guild. A Senior Elder's vote in a poll will count equally much as an apprentice's vote.

Elder Officer: This is the first officer rank, but they are as much of an officer as the ranks above, they are a part of the guild's High Council and have an equal right to be heard and respected by anyone. Officers are selected by the High Council on the basis of merit, personality, contribution to the guild, interactive abilities, leadership qualities, just to mention some. Being 'buddy' with a High Council member does not give anyone a head start in an officer selection.

High Council: After having been officer for a while, and if they wish for it, an officer is promoted to a fully fledged High Council member. There is no major difference between those two ranks, it just shows that you have been officer for a while and have experience in being so.

Please enjoy the game.

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